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An Introduction: Bradley

Hey everyone, let’s keep it fairly quick. My name’s Bradley McElroy!

I work part time here at Go2Games and recently I was given the chance to take over the social media aspect of the company, which includes this blog. I’ve always wondered what kind of back-end machinery goes into these things, so the learning process has been fairly enlightening. It’s actually simpler than I thought.

Finding a voice will be hard – I want to turn the blog post into a personal journalistic outlook on video games, whilst still maintaining the hype and news-esque feel that this blog has had before. I’d also love for all of your input but know that the task at hand will go alongside my other routines, so the blog-posts may be fairly inconsistent from the get-go whilst I establish how to wrap my head and eventually my arms around writing something that will keep someone entertained.

Please let me know on any degree what you do and don’t like about the blog. We have a small but dedicated community based in London already but it’s been a while so we’ll have to see if it’s full of fresh faces or some old ones pop up.

I digress. What I want to let everyone know is that I’m very passionate about the intricacies of video games, and the variety they can give as media as well as an art form. Here’s the gist of it: I’ll mainly be posting reviews, information, and opinions. The blog posts may come mainly in the form of articles. For example, I’m planning soon to write a short study I titled “Finding the Value of Leitmotifs in Video Game Music” which will explore and discuss musical character themes and how remixing, remastering and re-cutting them by the original track’s owner adds a lot more than you might think. Another post I’ve been wondering about is talking about whether or not experiences like visual novels, walking simulators and text-based adventures count as what we would by standard call a ‘video game’. There’s a bunch of other hidden ideas that you’ll get to see up-coming too.

But for now, stay jolly, everyone. The year’s only just begun.


Credit to Stephán Brisson for display artwork

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