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Bernodd Montgomery supports Lips Appreciation Day

Bernodd Rubble Selfie

Lips Appreciation Day

Our resident Agent of Chaos, Bernodd Montgomery, is showing his support for Lips Appreciation Day!

For those of you who don’t already know him, this is Bernodd Montgomery and he is our very own Agent of Chaos here at Go2Games! He derives from the infamous Grand Theft Auto franchise and lives happily in Vinewood with his nice BMX. Bernodd has already given us a taster of his pouting talents in the photo above, so lets take a look at some others. All in the name of lips appreciation!


I may have failed to mention that Bernodd actually spelt his name incorrectly on purpose. It has somewhat given him a false identity so that, if this happens again in future, the police will “have the wrong man” due to incorrect name spelling… It was his theory, not mine!



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