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Destiny’s Most Used Weaponry Unveiled!



Destiny’s most used weaponry has been revealed!

For both new and old-guard Destiny players the primary weapon of choice is the Vision of Confluence, a legendary scout rifle with plenty of damage upgrade options, according to developer Bungie’s recent delve into its game stats.

“Weapon use in Destiny is pretty diverse and follows a very fat ‘long tail’ distribution,” says a developer. “The guns on these lists are indeed awesome but a lot of players are finding that other, more obscure weapons better fit their tactical needs or their personal play styles. Besides, punching all of the aliens in the face is obviously the correct way to play Destiny anyway.”

The team over at Bungie pulled the top ten weapons for level 20 Guardians and above, based on the past two weeks of gameplay to create a chart. You can feast your eyes on the Primary, Special and Heavy weaponry categories, with a top ten for each!

 Primary Weaponry

1) Vision of Confluence   2) Suros Regime   3) The Stranger’s Rifle   4) Atheon’s Epilogue

5) Fatebringer   6) Galahad-E   7) Shingen-E   8) Vex Mythoclast   9) Thorn  

10) Up for Anything

Special Weaponry

1) Murmur   2) Ice Breaker   3) Black Hammer   4) Praedyth’s Revenge   

5) Patience and Time   6) Hieracon LR5   7) LDR 5001   8) Anima-E7

9) Dammerung FR5   10) Helios FR5

Heavy Weaponry

1) Despot SA/5   2) Sultan SA/5   3) Hunger of Crota   4) Hannibal-E

5) Dragon’s Breath   6) Gjallarhorn   7) Genghis-E   8) Hezen Vengeance

9) One Way Ticket 000   10) Unfriendly Giant

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