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Drive-by Shooting Caught on Twitch Stream by Gamer

An actual drive-by shooting was caught on a stream while the stream was being aired worldwide. The Twitch streamer was incredibly calm about the situation and was actually still having a joke around with the viewers.

The Streamer was Matthew Serna, who goes by the username AnarchYxNinja1. The game he was streaming at the time was Star Wars Battlefront when you can actually hear the frightening gunshots come from outside his windows. “Did you hear that you guys?” Serna asks his viewers before adding in a jokey way: “Someone’s just got shot I think”

It was weird to see the streamer be so calm after hearing such noises from outside his window. It was later on discovered that Serna was laughing out of disbelief however he then goes on to say in a jokey way that: “I think I need to grab a gun right now” and then surprisingly says “I think it’s a drive-by, no big deal.”

It was later confirmed by Matthew himself that there “was a drive-by in the area.”

Watch the video of the actual stream below:

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