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Dying Light Dev Gets One Up On Destiny Red Bull Promo

Dying Light Dev decides to go one step further with Destiny’s Red Bull promo

Many fans showed their disappointment when Activision announced that the majority of their upcoming XP bonuses and content would be reserved for North Americans who drink Red Bull. Techland, Dying Light’s developer, spotted this and were soon to jump on the band waggon by offering FREE content to those who drink water. Basically everyone!

The developer tweeted -“We’re jumping on the latest trend in game marketing!” “#DrinkRightDyingLight > #DrinkForDLC”. They also pointed out in the ad – “Post a picture of you drinking a glass of water with the tag #DrinkingRightDyingLight and get your code for a premium weapon docket,”

“Ever stopped to wonder how extremely awesome water is? It’s natural, vegan, and sugar-free. It’s also delicious and good for your health. And even better, it’s basically free.” We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves, and you can see for the photo above that they mean business!

Codes will be available soon at

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