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Earth Day 2015 – Exploring Other Planets

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet video game

Earth Day 2015

G2G appreciates the rest of the universe

God bless Planet Earth! But there are a good many other planets out there which need our appreciation too.. Let’s take a look at some of these infamous planets…

10. Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer – Winter Tundra

Winter Tundra from Spyro 2

09. Halo – Planet Heian

Planet Heian from Halo

08. Mass Effect – Camaron – Third planet orbiting Gorgon

Planet Camaron from Mass Effect

07. Dead Space – Tau Volantis

Planet Tau Volantis from Dead Space

06. Red Faction – Mars

Planet Mars from Red Faction

05. Star Wars – Hoth

Planet Hoth from Star Wars

04. Another World

Another World Planet

03. Minecraft – Planet Minecraft

Minecraft Planet

02. Destiny – Venus

Planet Venus from Destiny

01. Toejam & Earl – Funkatron

Planet Funkatron from Toejam & Earl

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