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Enjoy This Awesome Video Game Related Merchandise!

Video Game Merch (2)

Video Game Merchandise

I don’t think I know anyone who DOESN’T like video games, and especially the cool merchandise that comes along with it! I’ve managed to come across a few gems that I felt I had to share with you all. I’m afraid it’s another “buy all the things” moment!

10. I don’t think I’d actually purchase this pair of shoes, but they’re original nonetheless! I lie… I probably would…

Video Game Merch (11)

09. I know it’s a little early, but these Zelda baul bauls can be used on any occasion!

Video Game Merch (6)

08. A glorious Master Chief ring!

Video Game Merch (9)

07. And an even more glorious pair of Halo 3 cufflinks…

Video Game Merch (12)

06. A very cool Iron Man head & hand night light

Video Game Merch (4)

05. An awesome Tetris light, which you can buy from us HERE!

Video Game Merch (7)

04. Assassin’s Creed Monopoly… YES!!

Video Game Merch (3)

03. Love the Minecraft bed covers

Video Game Merch (10)

02. Had to have a PlayStation bag in there, right?!

Video Game Merch (5)

01. I want both pairs IMMEDIATELY!!

Video Game Merch (8)

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