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EVE – The Game At It’s Lowest Play Count Since 2008

EVE is at it’s lowest play count since 2008

According to graphs made by EVE Online player, Jestertrek, the game may not be everyone’s favourite anymore it seems. By looking at the graphs below, you can see that the people currently playing the game has hit it’s lowest point since 2008, with only around 21,000 players being logged in at any one time. There were roughly 36,000 players being logged in in January 2011, so that’s quite a large drop!

According to a reddit user, there are many reasons for the game’s decline in play. Changes made reliance on alternate accounts less important, and the more recent changes which made the game less welcoming to new players as well as the usual veteran player drop off that happens in older games may be behind it the whole decline.

EVE player count

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