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FIFA Player Blames Actual Footballer on Destroyed Controller & Get’s One FREE!

A PlayStation player blames an actual footballer on the destruction of his controller and receives another, for FREE!

We didn’t know that rewarding bad behaviour was a thing, but it seems to be! Footballer Mario Götze is allegedly replacing a FIFA player’s PS3 controller for a brand new one, and all due to a case of severe rage. The player in question missed a penalty at the ninetieth minute in the game. Oh dear…

The player, Mario Thissen, posted the photo above of the destroyed controller on the Bayern Munich Facebook page and received a reply from the renowned football player, Mario Götze, who apologised for this incident and told Thissen to look into his private messages in order to converse on receiving a replacement controller.

Well, to sum that all up, it appears that all you need to do to receive a new controller is to play a video game, get yourself into a bit of a tizz, smash your controller to smithereens, and blame it on someone else… Probably one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever heard but hey, if it works… It works!

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