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WATCH: Final Fantasy VII HD Remake Coming to PS4 [E3 Reveal]

We’ve been more than 10-years waiting, 3 console releases later, but it’s finally happened… RPG & Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a HD remake for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix announced the news during Sony’s press conference at E3 – bringing truth to the many rumors. It is unconfirmed whether the game will get any other consoles releases, but the trailer reads ‘Play it first on PlayStation 4’, meaning Xbox One & PC players may have a long wait.

With that said, there is no confirmed release date as yet. While Square Enix have confirmed that they’ve begun production on the remake, PS4 players may still have a long wait ahead.

You can watch the full E3 trailer above.

We’ll update on this as the story develops.

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