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GTA V Confirmed and Potential Updates

It has now been nearly three whole years since Grand Theft Auto V was first released. Since the game was first released we have received a huge amount of DLC which is what keeps GTA as one of the most popular video games today.

Rockstar show no signs of stopping with introducing more and more DLC into the game with another big expansion on the way. The next update is a huge improvement on Executives and Other Criminals. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony will continue in your mission to become the ultimate criminal kingpin of Los Santos.

This update will see players use warehouses and offices to distribute their contraband across Los Santos for huge profits. This update looks set to be the most anticipated update since the Heist update last year.


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Further Adventures in Finance and Felony will arrive June 7th and will also see the introduction on a range of new vehicles including thePegassi Reaper.

There is also a potential update coming to GTA which users will be excited about. An image has been leaked of Middle Park in a GTA V engine. This could potentially see a Liberty City add-on to GTA V allowing players to fly between different islands that have previously appeared in the GTA series. Before getting anyone’s hopes up, this is only a rumour at the moment.


All of the GTA maps on one game has been something that Rockstar have previously thought about and something that GTA fans have been crying out for.

I really hope Rockstar go ahead and do this, I would love to see Liberty City return. However for now, it is just a rumour.

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