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MCM Comic Con Midlands 2015 – The Anticipated Shots


MCM Comic Con Midlands 2015

These are the shots you’ve been waiting for!

As promised, here are the wonderful shots taken by our photographers, Patrick Larder and Joseph Madden, of MCM Comic Con Midlands 2015! And look at this rather chilled out character on the sofa.. It’s good old Iron Man having an Iron Brew!

So, without any more prattling on, here are the smashing shots that our lovely photographer chaps took.


This is our joyous, inflatable tent. Isn’t it pretty?!

017A1831 017A1834

017A1836 017A1845

017A1849 017A1853

017A1857 017A1866

017A1869 017A1872

017A1877 017A1878

017A1883 017A1884

017A1887 017A1897

017A1898 017A1903

017A1911 017A1914

017A1916 017A1918

017A1929 017A1934

As you have now seen.. Wonderful cosplay, most excellent people, and mass amounts of Star Wars induced peril! We do hope that you enjoy browsing through our colourful selection of shots and remember to keep those peepers pealed for our next lot at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015!

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