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My Favourite Minecraft Texture Pack – by Luna L’Trix


My Favourite Minecraft Texture Pack

by Luna L’Trix

Now I know this pack has been out for a little while, but I was getting round to  it in my own, mystical time! Especially for those who know me, I think it’s safe to say which texture pack from Minecraft Xbox One Edition would be my favourite, seeing as I’m nothing short of obsessed.. Yes indeed, it be the Steampunk texture pack!

Being Victorian inspired, you can create your own Industrial Revolution, airships, overbearing time pieces and see the classic villagers, cows, sheep and pigs in aviation headgear and goggles!! Cogs are concealed in the tree trunks, the sugar cane grows into brass pipes, the moon has a monocle and the sun is a giant COG!! 

This texture set can be applied to new or previously-created worlds and includes a themed user interface to suit the textures. There are plenty of gears, knobs, and pressure valves to decorate the landscape with. Also available on the 360, obviously! By the by.. EVEN THE CREEPERS WEAR GOGGLES!!

Let’s a take a look at some of the skins, airships and landscapes that have been created in this most excellent texture pack!

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image    KcGhm  minecraft___steampunk_city_by_virenth-d6fz8w1  Steampunk-girl-skinTlQJo

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