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No Man’s Sky – Confirmed for PC & LIVE E3 2015 Gameplay

NoMansSky E3 2015 Gameplay (2)

It has been announced that No Man’s Sky is coming to the PC and we take a look at the LIVE gameplay footage from this year’s E3 Conference.

At this year’s E3, Sean Murray of Hello Games confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be coming to the PC, as well as the PS4. The dreadfully ambitious space sim was announced back in December 2013 as being made available to play on the PlayStation 4. The release date was originally planned to be announced by Murray at this E3, but the team has decided to hold back on that for the time being. When the date is finally announced, it’ll be for both the PS4 & PC.

Below you can check out the LIVE gameplay of No Man’s Sky from E3 and, we’ll tell you now, prepare to be amazed!

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