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Splatoon meets Team Fortress 2 in this Colourful Mod

This messy mod sees Splatoon meeting Team Fortress 2

Announced by YouTuber DrLilRobot recently, this all new mod has just dropped the mechanics of Splatoon straight into Team Fortress 2. You’ll find that Demoman’s Sticky Jumper bombs are turned into much larger paint balls (which is still highly entertaining!). The cyclops-to-squid mechanics are also recognised in this mod. The swimming animations are pretty basic, but it does make up for the mod’s lack of eye-catching paint splats everywhere.

If you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, it’s because it wouldn’t be the first time that DrLilRobot (whom is also known as Dr. SquidBot on Steam) and company have created an eccentric Nintendo mod. In March last year, we saw another Team Fortress 2 mod, which was based on the Final Destination level of Super Mario Bros. A pistol is your only weapon of defense, as you try to tackle Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

All in all, it seems like a fun mod to give a go, and Splatoon itself has gone incredibly well since it’s release.

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