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The PS3 is Outselling the Xbox One in Japan?!

PS3 vs. Xbox One

Sony are just minding their own business and have gleefully announced a new version of the PS4 to launch at the end of the month in the region, whilst Microsoft are finding it hard to come out of the shadows and catch a break!

Between the 8th and 14th of June, the Xbox One only sold 100 units, which meant them reaching a new and all time low in sales. On the other hand, during this same amount of time, the PS3 sold 2,633 units in the same amount of time?! The new 3DS XL is sitting at the top of the Media Create Japanese console chart with 19,320 units. The Wii U is in at number two, with 16,413, and the PS4 comes in at number three, with 10,822. Even the Vita TV is selling five times more than the Xbox One, with 566 units being taken home! Oh… Dear…

This stands testament to the console just not having a place in the market in Japan, even though Microsoft have already voiced their discontent with sales in the country, with a weak launch period. Some consoles just do better than others around the world, but this is definitely an eye-opener for a next-gen console!

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