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WATCH – Call of Duty Black Ops III Viral Campaign!



This latest video seems to hint at new content for the upcoming Call of Duty title

A trail is being left for all COD fans to follow, which has been slowly leading up to what seems like a possible final reveal for the next game in line in the series. An update to the console versions of Black Ops 2 was displayed yesterday. There appeared to be no new content at first, until players began to see an odd symbol which kept appearing on in-game posters in the multi-player maps.

The images which you can see HERE, in the YouTube video, are in fact Snapchat friend request codes. Once activated, these codes lead to a strange video in which people have decided may be a window into Black Ops 3!

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  • Posted: April 8, 2015 08:54


  • Posted: April 10, 2015 13:29

    Chris Brown

    Call of Duty! Cant wait to get back into this shizzle.