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That’s right, not only will Pokémon Go be available on your phone, it will also be available on your Apple Watch. Niantic CEO, John Hanke, has announced a Pokémon Go will launch on the Apple Watch later this year. Pokémon Go has already had over 500 million downloads since hitting phones earlier this year. The […]


So the trailer for Pete’s Dragon looks pretty damn good and it definitely makes me wish I had my own dragon (although I do have Dragonite on Pokemon Go). Although I will obviously never have my own pet dragon, I did get to ride Elliot the dragon in VR, which is a close second. To […]


Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. The amount of Pokémon being caught on a daily basis is staggering as millions of people across the world are playing the latest phenomenon. Some of these Pokémon seem to be finding themselves in some very strange places. Take a look for yourselves at what these Pokémon […]


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg believes that the Oculus VR will change the way we communicate As well as having a pretty huge presence at E3 this year, Oculus VR have very recently announced it’s controllers and retail iteration. Mark Zuckerberg, who is CEO of Oculus’ parent company Facebook, has stated that the headset is just the […]


Lexus have their very own special skate park for their hoverboard The Spanish website, El Patin, has discovered the special skate park that Lexus is currently constructing for it’s recently revealed, and fully functional, hoverboard. The infamous car company has recently teased that they have pulled together a hoverboard, which runs on liquid nitrogen cooled […]

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