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Overwatch has officially been given its own European Go4 Tournament Series

It has only been two weeks since seeing the release of Overwatch, however ESL are happy to welcome the game with open arms to give the game its official Go4 Tournament series. This officially kicked of yesterday. It is no surprise that Overwatch was welcomed into the competitive gaming world after the amazing figures they pulled of so very quickly after actually releasing the game. The game has had a very happy response with fans and it is easy to see how interesting how teams actually put themselves together to make the ultimate team.

The Go4 series are put together so there are 4 to 5 cups each month were teams can pick up cash throughout the month. The prize pool will be share between the top two of the monthly finals, where the best eight teams will clash once. The prize pool will be €600 for the winner and €300 for the runner up.

Overwatch are definitely going to compete to become one of the largest Esports games and is going to really show teamwork and skills of individual team members with their different characters.

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