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Koichi Sugiyama, composer for the critically acclaimed gaming series Dragon Quest (with art and character designs by Akira Toriyama, of Dragonball fame) has died at age 90 on September 30th. Dragon Quest publisher Square Enix announced in a statement that the cause of death was septic shock. The funeral was attended by close friends and […]


Xbox is gearing up for its big release later this year and has already started the marketing game off strong with these offers… Now we are getting closer to the release date for the highly-anticipated Halo Infinite, Xbox is really stepping up its game in terms of marketing strategies. It was announced back in September that Xbox […]


Toy company Smyths has announced that a restock of Sony Playstation 5 gaming consoles will take place today (October 5th) starting around 9am BST and including both digital and physical copies for games. Specific figures on how many consoles are available for purchase are unavailable at this time, but let’s not mince words, we’ll definitely […]


Critically acclaimed video game director Hideo Kojima, of the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding, has been rumored to be collaborating with Sony and Konami. While there was speculation of Kojima making a new Silent Hill game, industry insiders have confirmed this to be untrue. First off, a little industry context before we dig […]


For some extra backstory on Activision Blizzard‘s lawsuit and recent controversies, feel free to have a gander over at some articles written by myself and others here at Go2Games linked at the end. For now, it’s enough to know that multiple horrific occurrences of workplace mistreatment and discrimination to women and people of colour have […]


Howdy all, welcome to my event review of RetCon (Retro gaming convention), or “how I learned to stop worrying and love old-school retro games”. For some retro gaming letsplay goodness, click here for the video on my YouTube channel. I go through Duck Hunt, Double Dragon, Asteroid, and more! Stay to the end of the […]

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