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The Running of the Trolls – A WoW Event for the Trevor Project

This Saturday just gone, hundreds of trolls marched in World of Warcraft to raise money for the Trevor Project; a Pride event. The event was named The Running of the Trolls. Hosted on the Feathermoon-US server, trolls of all levels and classes marched for the project.

An amazing $500 was raised for the project, which supplies crisis and suicide prevention to LGBTQ+ young people. It wasn’t the goal that they were hoping for particularly, but at least they raised a fair amount for the charity. This sum is pretty commendable if you ask us!

Here are a couple of photos taken from the event on Saturday. We love it when gaming does it’s bit to help!


trolls marching for the Trevor Project


Trolls marching for The Trevor Project


More Trolls marching for The Trevor Project

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