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Video Game Pitstops

Sometimes you need a break from the action. With all the chaos going on, sitting down, healing up and having a cool-down is good.

Here are some of the most blessed and relaxing pitstops in gaming:

– Master Trials (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

This pit-stop is amazing. It allows you to cook new food, get some more arrows, and the most premium: catch some fairies, if you’re sneaky. Not just that, the blend of a small oasis, tightly packed in between the Sheikah walls makes for a very unique atmosphere for a pit-stop.

– Rest Sites (Slay The Spire)

The break from flinging cards at enemies and dodging Elites are very many in a single run of Slay The Spire. Rest Sites also have a nice little ending jingle when you rest at them, which heals 30% of your max health. What’s most cool about these sites is that pretty much all the time you’re in a dilemma as to what to do.

Some relics upgrade the functions of the Rest Site that run, so you contemplate whether to heal or to do a plethora of different actions.

– Healing Stage (Rivals of Aether)

Rivals of Aether, the smash-like platform fighter using elemental beasts has a run-based mode called The Abyss. During this mode, you’ll face an onslaught of varied challenges, including gimmicks like needing to dodge the ground or throw fighters into specific spots. After a bunch of rounds, you will fight a boss, and then lo and behold, you get a free round that just heals you. Very nice.

I wonder which other pause moments are such a great blessing in a mess of difficulty?

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