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Warcraft Movie – Release Pushed Back By Three Months To June 2016

Warcraft Movie 2016

Warcraft Movie

The anticipated film for 2016 has been pushed back three months to June 2016.

What is it with games and films being pushed back recently?! Stop making us wait all the time!! We need all of the things NOW!!

The Duncan Jones movie, which is based on Blizzard’s infamous World of Warcraft multi-player online RPG, has now been pushed back in release to 10th June 2016. It’s original release date was to be 11th March 2016. This news was voiced by Universal and includes such stars as Dominic Cooper (Need for Speed), Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) and Travis Fimmel (Vikings).

This news came to light on exactly the same day as the news that Pacific Rim 2 is to be pushed back from April 7th 2017 to August 4th 2017. What’s going on here guys?!

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