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Watch – The Elderly Playing GTA V



The elderly take to GTA V, and have brought with them a few classic lines!

Well.. This has certainly brought comfort and joy to the new year! Elderly people playing GTA V. I don’t think you can get any better than that, can you? This video has been brought to you by the guys behind the React YouTube channel.

Watch as a few of the elderly people play Rockstar Games’ open-world hit, GTA V, for the first time. The way they play, aided by their audible reactions is just down right brilliant! The players were given 30mins of game time, with no other information than that of basic controls.

Here are a few of the classic quotes that you’ll expect to hear on this video:

  • “Why would you want to teach kids how to steal a car?”
  • “So, is there a goal to this game?”
  • “Hahahaha I shot some people!”
  • “You can do whatever you want in this game!”
  • “I got a knife. The knife; you’re closer to the victim. It’s more personal.”
  • “Oh, look at that. Did I just find a bunch of guns?”
  • “It’s a weird satisfaction, man.”

You can watch this priceless video HERE, on our ‘Exciting Game Trailers’ playlist on YouTube, and I can guarantee that you’ll be left with tears of joy and laughter in your eyes!

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