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DOTA 2 – Breaks 1m Concurrent Players Barrier



Valve’s MOBA title hits the one million mark over the weekend

DOTA 2 is the first ever game to hit the seven figure mark in the history of Steam. Over the weekend, the game hit 1,060,082 concurrent players. The only game to hit six figures was fellow Valve title Counter Strike: Global Offensive (434k) while several reached five figures, led by Team Fortress 2 (84k), Football Manager 2015 (74k), Garry’s Mod (66k) and Civilization V (59k).

Despite DOTA 2’s grand weekend success, it is still overshadowed by it’s MOBA rival, League of Legends, which has hit 7.5m concurrent players previously. Be warned that this data is slightly dated now. Nevertheless, that rivals Steam’s all-time overall concurrent users, which hit 8.5m at the start of the year. I think a congratulations is in order for the Steam crew! What a milestone to overcome and what a great game DOTA 2 is!

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