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Evidence that Football Fans are Secretly Cosplay Enthusiasts

The UEFA Euro Championship is now upon us! Football fever has gripped Europe once again. Flags will be draped from windows, stuck on cars and worn proudly as a badge of honour on many a football fan’s breast.

Today we’re looking at the truth… that football fans are, in fact, secret cosplay enthusiasts.

Exhibit A

England football fans in team colours

Image credit: BBC

The casuals.

People dressed in their team’s colours. A common site at any football match. People who want to commit to the team spirit. Much like somebody sporting the Attack on Titan Survey Corps jackets or a few choice accessories.

Who doesn’t want to step into the clothing of their hero? Whether it’s good ol’ Cap, Spidey or Wayne Rooney of the England football team.


Number #2

England football fan face body paint

Image credit: Monte Isom

The hardcores.

Some may sport team shirts, some go that extra mile and crack the body paint out.

Exhibit C

Wales fan daffodil

Image credit: TeakDoor


This one speaks for itself.

After all, who doesn’t want to spend a day as Flowey, that terrifying yellow flower from Toby Fox’s hit Undertale.

Welsh fans daffodil shout

Image credit: Daily Mail UK

Or, I’ve just been told, to show your Welsh pride!

Wales fans

Image credit: Getty Images

So, there you have it. As much as they may try to deny it, who isn’t a fan of a good bit of cosplay!

To conclude, what bigger fans of footie are there than the teams themselves. I give you…

CPFC Christmas party - Crystal Palace Fancy Dress

Image credit: Instagram

The Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC).

And I think they look awesome!

What do you think? If there are any sports get-ups that didn’t make it into this post, share them in the comments!

Get your team colours on let’s welcome the EURO 2016 together!


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