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Limited Edition Forza 6 Xbox One Console

Car noises are coming, with the limited edition Forza 6 Xbox One Console!

This September 2015, Microsoft will be releasing a limited edition Forza 6 Xbox One console. As you can see from the above photo, the console will be blue and include racing stripes. That’s not all.. The control will make car noises when you push it’s buttons!

When you press the power button, a “vroom” sound will be made. Equally, when you press the power button off, the sounds of brakes squealing will come out of the console. To add to this, if you press the button to open the disc tray, you’ll hear tyres being screwed on! The console won’t be available until 15th September 2015, but you are able to pre-order it now.

Check out the video below, which sees Microsoft’s Acey “Graeme Boyd” Bongos take the console for a test drive!


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