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Perception – Trailer Shows how a Blind Woman Navigates a Haunted House


A creepy new first-person horror game, Perception, has received a game-play trailer! The player will be in the shoes of a blind character named Cassie, who uses echolocation to get herself through a haunted mansion and avoid any lurking ghosts and ghouls.

The game is currently on it’s last few days with it’s Kickstarter campaign, and is aiming for $150,000. The game is, at present, around the $10,000 mark. It is also being developed by The Deep End Games, which includes former BioShock employees from Irrational.

Cassie has a very special form of vision, which gives the game a wonderfully unique look, as well as frequent blackouts which occur. This makes Perception even more frightening! All Cassie has is a cane and a mobile phone to keep her going through the mansion, and occasionally has to hide from lurking creatures.

The game is set to release in June 2016, and you can watch the game-play trailer below. Don’t get scared now!


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