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Spider-Man – LEGO Movie Directors are Producing NEW Animated Film

Spiderman Animated Film 2015 (2)


The directors of the infamous LEGO Movie are now producing an all NEW and animated Spider-Man film!

Fresh out of the bag from CinemaCon! The recently announced animated Spider-Man film is set to exist independently from the rest that have gone before. The rumours about this enthralling new venture first came to light during the Sony hack and leaked emails travesty, and the two geniuses who’re taking this film on are non other than Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The LEGO Movie directors). You’ll also be pleased to hear that they will be in control of writing the story too!

As well as this, it has also recently been exposed that the two guys will be writing the story for the upcoming film, The Flash. The Spider-Man movie is set for a 20th July 2018 release. 

Go, Spidey, GOOOOOO!!

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