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The Battle Royale Burn-out

The genre of game that has been kicking off ever since PUBG exploded, we all know – the Battle Royale. Set a mass amount of people into some task and have them knock each other out one-by-one tirelessly. If you get knocked out, just leave the game and go do another.

Only then, after it was a little unique – did EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE hop onto the BR train. Let’s go through a long list of actually famous BRs:


  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Call of Duty: Blackout
  • Realm: Royale
  • Spellbreak
  • Minecraft Survival Games

And the newest addition is a unique breath of fresh air – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been taking Twitch by storm. It’s not a traditional Battle Royale in the sense that it’s not all vs all and you don’t get eliminated one-by-one, but sure as much getting that win and being above all else is just as satisfying as any BR can get.

The burn-out has turned back into a sparking flame for me on this one.

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