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A new video depicts Pikachu and Jigglypuff keeping an eye on the creation of adorable Pokemon treats

The Pokemon series has always been a source of wonder for fans who imagine what it would be like to be in a world with actual Pokemon. A new video direct gives fans a peek into what that life could look like while also sharing a pair of adorable Pokemon-themed recipes.

Pokemon has created many short YouTube videos to share with its fans, ranging from soft wind-down ASMR-type videos to special animations and everything in-between. This new video is a collaboration between Nisshokuki and The Pokemon Company, depicting the joys of cooking with Pokemon.

This is the first episode of a three-part series called Sweet Winter With Pokemon.

This episode opens with the talented cook behind the Nisshokuki channel waking up to several Pokemon passing through a nearby hallway. After a Pokemon coffee cup is prepared, the cook gets to work, showing a step-by-step recipe of what appear to be Pokemon cream puffs.

After baking the delicate creations, Nisshokuki fills the cream puff with some yellow custard. Then, with the help of a few decorations, Pikachu’s ears, eyes, mouth, and red cheeks are imprinted onto the delicious goodie. The CG Pikachu is very pleased with these creations, but Jigglypuff seems disappointed as they’ve been left out. Good thing is, Nisshokuki gets right back to producing a Jigglypuff variant of the dessert, enrobed in a Jigglypuff-pink cream cheese milk mixture and then covered in similar decorations.

Unfortunately, the recipe and video are untranslated at this time, so English-speaking fans may have some difficulty attempting to replicate the recipe. However, one can hope for a translation so that pokemon fans across the world can enjoy and have their own.

A Pikachu burger (source:

It makes sense, in a world of which Pokemon-themed burgers and other foods are sold in Japanese cafes and Pokemon Cocktails exist. It is a treat to see the combination of CGI and real life within this recent video, however, and can even inspire your own creation of your favourite Pokemon!

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