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Due to exploits on Elden Ring’s multiplayer, players have reported losing over 100 hours worth of gameplay to an annoying and malicious hack.

Elden Ring players on PC, be very wary of multiplayer as of current. According to a player on Reddit, a more sinister exploit has been found; and will constantly set the player into a death-loop.

There is video footage of how the exploit works here: The basics of the exploit is that the hacker will invade your world on multiplayer mode, and use a specific ability to force the game to crash. Upon reloading the game, the player will instantly fall to their death and are only given a split second to respond, making the process of saving yourself near impossible. However, it is possible to save your save if you’re willing to go through the tedious process. On the aforementioned Reddit post is a detailed guide to how it is possible to save your game from this corruption.

Upon loading the game into the save file affected, immediately press ALT+F4. This instantly closes the game and gives you a small amount of more time before you die when you re-log in. After that immediately open your map using the key its locked to, and press the button that opens Sites of Grace. from there spam the confirm button until you teleport back. It will take a fair amount of time, and alot of patience, but it is possible.

The case is similar to the reason as to why Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer was disabled, where a hacker found a backdoor within the game that allowed them to execute the code remotely.

FromSoftware are yet to address the issue on any media as of publishing, but for the time being your best bet is to stay offline. Or if you do still wish to play online, back up your data often just incase something happens to one of your characters or files.

Elden Ring is available on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

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