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Elder Scrolls 6

About a year ago Microsoft Acquired Zenimax media, who are the parent company of bethesda. With that in mind, on of the earliest Concerns was that this would mean that Bethesda games would be Xbox Exclusive and, atleast at the time, the general tone coming from microsoft was “no”… but it was always a big of a tentative “no” with like ten asterisks and that asked you to sign a waver.

Well it has recently come out that the plan is to make the Highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 an Xbox and PC exclusive. The game will not be coming to Playstation, (at least not at launch, in recent times we have seen some console exclusives make the jump to being multiplatform after a few years).

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The official line from Phil Spence, head of Xbox, is that this is being done to aid compatibility and integration with Xbox Live, Game pass. Xbox Cloud Gaming, Etc. 

Now this does leave a few questions hanging, such as “ok so its going to be on PC, but where on PC? Microsoft store only, or also available through steam? What about epic store”. Right now we obviously don’t have answers, especially given how far off Elder Scrolls 6 is, but judging by Microsoft Putting Halo MCC and Halo Infinite on steam I personally feel its reasonable to assume that Steam users will be able to buy the games on their preferred platform. As for the epic games store side of things, I can’t say. I don’t have an epic games store account out of principle.

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As for the Exclusives, and again, this is an opinion piece, don’t shoot me, but as a PC gamer predominantly… I don’t like exclusivity at the best of times. In my opinion, Consoles should be sold on Function and Hardware more than “look at all these games you can only play if you buy our box”. The console exclusivity mindset does not help the end consumer, all it does is net these already wealthy companies more money.

That said, this is… Partially Sony’s fault. Sony where really the ones pushing the “exclusives over all else” ideology last generation, and even as they have started to port their games to PC they have really hunkered down in that mindset, With Sony being the last to adopt Cross platform play, even after Old man Nintendo had already agreed to do it, and it is rumored that Sony even make developers pay to have cross platform enabled.

Does sonys actions make Microsoft making TES6 an exclusive justified? No, generally I would argue against “eye for an eye” mentality like that, but it does go to a level to maybe explain why this has happened.

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