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Amazon Prime Members receive Extra Game Discounts

Amazon Prime members can now receive extra game discounts

Are you a price conscious gamer? Well, look no further than Amazon Prime, as it has just been rather sneaky and enabled “certain video game consoles, accessories, and games when sold by” for Prime members.

If you’re a Prime member, then you may come across a little “Amazon Prime Member Savings” disclaimer, which is under their subscriptions. An example of this is Star wars Battlefront. You will, however, still need to add the game to your cart and begin the checkout process to see how much you could save on the selected game.

At present, the deals seem to be ranging from older releases to pre-orders, with blanks being left in between. Even though you have to go through the whole add-to-cart, go-to-checkout regime, it’s pretty hard to complain about receiving deals such as these!

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