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Be Afraid! – Clown House Full Game Download

Clown House is available as a full game download. Get ready to jump behind the sofa!

This game does exactly what it says on the tin. You have to contend with (supposedly) the creepiest of all things known to man – the clown!

The aim of the game is simple. Just get a hold of the key and escape the house. Easy enough? NO! The key is hidden, and hidden in a different location each time. Of course, there are the clowns milling about who may or may not kill you. Sometimes they’ll just be content and leave you alone, but other times they may be hot on your heels!

Having said this, death does overrun content in this game, so you should probably continue to run throughout the game! You are also issued with a gun, but it carries only one bullet. We suggest saving this bullet as the game will be a lot more interesting without using it, and experiencing peril (if you’re a thrill seeker?).

The game produces many scares and jump throughout, so if you can’t stand the sight of clowns… The definitely play it!

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