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Blindfolded Man Completes Super Mario World in 23 Minutes!

Super Mario World beaten in 23 minutes by a blindfolded man

PangaeaPanga is the man in question, who completed Super Mario World in 23 minutes and 14 seconds… BLINDFOLDED! He has stated in his YouTube notes that he started practicing for this last week on 16th June, and only begun to attempt the full game just three days ago.

The run is not completely perfect, as PangaeaPanga dies three times, but what do you expect from being completely blind to what you’re doing?! That’s a pretty good run if you ask us.

This man is also no stranger to these sorts of things. He has previously bested Item Abuse 3, which has been famed as the most challenging fan-made Mario level ever. PangaeaPanga actually created this level, believe it or not, and it still took him three years to conquer.

Let’s take a look at the two videos. This is some serious skill!



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