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LEGO FPS – Counter-Strike, Skyrim & BioShock All Get It!

LEGO BioShock

Counter-Strike, Skyrim & BioShock all go LEGO FPS 

These infamous first-person shooters all get the treatment that they deserve… LEGO style!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if these incredible FPS games were transformed in the world of LEGO? Well now you can! We’ve all seen LEGO Batman, Lord of The Rings, and Star Wars in LEGO, and now we can add this new lot to the list. Andrew McMurry has devised a short film on YouTube, which takes the likes of Skyrim, Portal, BioShock, and Counter-Strike, and gives them an alternative look using LEGO. What’s even more impressive in this video is that the characters all retain their first-person cameras! 

You can check out more of McMurry’s work on his YouTube Profile, which include the hilarious Sim City: Meltdown, Mario vs Minecraft, and Fallout vs Skyrim. 

You can also watch LEGO: First Person Shooter on our ‘Exciting Game Trailers‘ playlist on YouTube.

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