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New Lord Of The Rings Mobile Game Follows Up Shadow Of Mordor


 The Lord of the Rings mobile game
Following up Shadow of Mordor is another LOTR treat for the mobile!

Free-to-play video game studio Kabam today released a brand new Lord of the Rings game called Legends of Middle-earth. This brand new game is available to download for FREE through iTunes and Google Play.

You commence your journey by choosing your character (Dwarf, Human, Hobbit or Elf) and are then guided through the tutorial, which only takes a few minutes, by Gandalf himself! Once this is completed, you’ll travel across the LOTR universe and meet a host of characters along the way such as Frodo, Legolas, Boromir and Aragorn, to help you “annihilate the forces of evil”!

Through upcoming expansion packs, you’ll get to go to places such as Mordor, Rohan and Gondor. As Legends of Middle-earth is a free-to-play game, it comes with microtransactions. Currency is in the form of Mithril and you can buy allotments for anywhere from $5 to $100. Currency can be spent on Lembas Bread (restores stamina) and Ent-draughts (restores energy), among a range of other things.

This game is Kabam’s third LOTR game, following Kingdoms of Middle-earth and Armies of the Third Age.


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