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Marilyn Manson Releases Latest Album on Old PlayStation Discs

Marilyn Manson Album on PlayStation Discs (2)

Marilyn Manson

Here you can find out why Mr. Manson has released his latest album on old PlayStation discs

Marilyn Manson has released his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, on old PlayStation discs. The infamous artist has never done this before and, unbeknown to us, his brand new tracks are all on those wonderful black discs that we used to play games on back in the 90’s!

The art directors for the album, Hassan Rahim and Willo Perron, have said that they managed to sought out the CDs from Sony itself. They also added that the discs are meant to represent the “dark & light” theme of the album, and that Manson  “sold [his] soul to be a rockstar,” and only recently “got the mortgage back on [his] soul.”

Here’s the cool part.. On gazing upon the disc, it first appears pure black but, on playback, it turns white! This is all due to the help of a new thermal layer, which has been added. This is to reflect the transition that Manson has said that he has gone through in his own life.

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