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Miiverse – Set for a Redesign and NEW Features this Summer

Miiverse is now set for a redesign and NEW features, coming this Summer

the 3DS & Wii U will be looking a whole lot different after it’s been updated, and players will be able to take 100 screenshots that will be available in personal albums so that other users won’t be able to see them. as well as this, a new play journal feature will be installed. this will allow players to record their thoughts on games as they’re playing them. this feature is a replacement of the activity feed, so you won’t be able to use this activity feed once the updates are installed.

Communities will be redesigned as well, and you can see more information on this in three separate sections. The photo above shows this.

the final change is that you’ll be able to post in succession more regularly. not including in-game posts, you can post up to 30 comments/posts a day.

There is not yet a set date for the Miiverse updates beyond “summer”, but we’d imagine it’ll be some time soon.

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