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‘NeverDead’ – For When Zombies Just Aren’t Enough


For when zombies just aren’t enough…

So I spent most of the weekend shooting up zombies hither and thither and, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good zombie but there comes a time when you just need more! More action, more originality and more demons.. So I picked up this gem – ‘NeverDead’!

It reminded me of ‘Shadows of the Damned’, which I love, so it definitely aided my demon fix! Picture it.. You’re a demon hunter made immortal 500 years ago, you have regenerative powers and can re-assemble your body to evade death. What’s not to love?! Plus, you play as Bryce Boltzmann.. The dashing chap in the picture above.

I strongly suggest that you grab yourself a copy of this demon-filled wonderment. You won’t be disappointed, I can tell you that now!

Why not check out the ‘NeverDead’ trailer on YouTube? Just to give you a little taste of what you’ll be getting yourself into..

You can also find out more about the game HERE

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