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Our “Top Ten” Favourite Most Creative Cosplay Costumes

MCM Comic Con London 2014


Our “Top Ten” Favourite Most Creative Cosplay Costumes

We’ve selected ten of the most creative, and hand-made, cosplay costumes that we could find, just for you!

Retailers can sell cosplay costumes & accessories at exceedingly high prices these days, I’m sure you’ll agree… Well, we have a solution! Check out our top ten most creative and hand-made cosplay costumes below. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look good, as this lot have shown us. I, myself, am a sucker for making my own costumes.. And why not?!

10. Smurf Mania!

Smurf Cosplay

9. It’s Bowser

Bowser Cosplay

8. Hammer of the Gods!

Thor Cosplay

7. Why not be both?

Batman v Superman Cosplay

6. Love the fringing on this one!

Chewbacca Cosplay

5. Standing out from the crowd

Star Wars Cosplay

4. You’ve gotta be seen, in the green!

TMNT Cosplay

3. There’s always a use for a red jumpsuit

Iron Man Cosplay

2. This is just pure genius…

Wolverine Cosplay

1. It had to be… Terrifyingly awesome Sauron get-up!

Eye of Sauron Cosplay

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