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Amazon Shoppers Vote Sony PS2 The Best Console EVER!


 Sony PS2…
…Voted the best console EVER by Amazon shoppers!

I’m definitely going to side with these shoppers when I say that the PS2 is a pretty darn good console! A lot of memorable games to be played on there.. (*cough* Spyro *cough*)

The PS2 beat it’s predecessor, the PSOne, in the final, with the Super Nintendo and N64 falling behind in the semi-finals. The PS3, Mega Drive, Xbox 360 and PS4 saw defeat in the quarter finals and the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U didn’t even see it past the first stage!!

Here are a few interesting pointers that were received from the poll:

  • The PS4 received more votes than all of the Sega consoles combined
  • The PC was a mere nine votes away of making it to the knock-out stages
  • The Magnavox Odyssey (1972) was the oldest console to receive a vote
  • Nintendo’s Game Boy had more votes than any other handheld, despite missing the knock out stages!


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