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“Top 15” Pieces of Video Game Inspired Furniture

8-Bit Fireplace

Our “Top 15” Pieces of Video Game Inspired Furniture

We’ve searched the depths for the best of the best and have picked out fifteen video game inspired pieces of furniture, which are an essential for the avid gamer. Enjoy!

15) Mario Filing Cabinets

Mario Filing Cabinets

14) Pacman Egg Chair

       Pacman Egg Chair

13) Atari 2600 Controller Coat Hangers

           Atari 2600 Controller Coat Hangers

12) Donkey Kong Bookshelves

                Donkey Kong Bookshelves


11) PlayStation Controller Coffee Table

           PS3 Controller Coffee Table

10) Another grand PlayStation Controller Coffee Table

        PS3 Controller Table (2)

09) Portal Dining Room Set

    Portal Dining Room Set  

08) NES Toaster

      NES Toaster     

07) Nintendo Controller & Gameboy Desks

  Nintendo Controller and Gameboy Desks

06) Sega Master System Couch

   Sega Master System Couch

05) Wii Remote Cabinets

    Wiimote Cabinets  

04) Space Invaders Couch

  Space Invaders Couch

03) SNES Bed

      SNES Bed   

02) Arcade Machine Kegerator

  Arcade Machine Kegerator

01) It had to be… A bloomin’ TRON Kitchen!!

        Tron Inspired Kitchen

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  • Posted: 10/04/2015 10:45

    Charles Browne-Cole

    There is so much of this great furniture about. Everyone loves to bring back memories of past greats. Look at this site for some pretty cool stuff too.