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I’m backkkkk!

Hey guys, its been a hot minute since I’ve updated this blog…. and I can actually say that I have missed filling you all in on the latest gossip. Since I’ve been gone for the most part of two weeks and there could be some new readers I should probably introduce myself all over again just so you guys can get familiar with me… My names Teneil, I am 21 years old and I am a social media administrator for Go2Games.

Lets go all the way back to Monday 14th June which is the week I should’ve posted but it completely slipped my chaotic mind. Now if you was here 2 weeks ago you would know my typical morning starts with a sweet coffee, actually whilst we are on the topic of coffee I found out on Tik Tok (the app where I gain the most knowledge LOL) that if you don’t like coffee without sugar or flavoured syrup then you don’t actually like coffee you just like sugar….



which is just fantastic, so I’ve basically just been wasting my money my whole adult life! But let me not blab on because I could literally talk about me and my random life for hours so let me focus on telling you about what I’ve been doing WORK WISE for the last couple of weeks.

Monday was a in house day so basically we come into the store and we have a brief meeting with the whole team just to discuss what has went well the previous week and if there need to be any changes. Shortly after that meeting my boss Josh sat down with me and my colleague Tanisha and basically wanted to find out if we have any ideas for new content on the platforms that we monitor and post on and we discussed a few ideas for Tik Tok as its a app a where videos can be made super quick and easy and its an amazing platform to really get yourself out there, we had an amazing idea to record a video of predictions for the euros 2021 (or 2020 as all the promotion says) weekly  and as it is very current and always trending we thought it was a great idea… Well you remember a second ago when I said that it was super quick and easy…. I LIED! Tanisha and I got the guys from the post production team to do the predictions in the video which I recorded on my camera roll in sections first, that was a mistake… for anyone out there recording a video with multiple parts involved its best to just use the app in the first place instead of your actual camera video because it will not allow you to post multiple videos in one if they are longer than so which is super annoying because I didn’t realise until I went home to edit it so I couldn’t even re record it in time to post it before the matches begun! But on a happier note it is pride month and we told our boss we would love to do something in celebration, we hadn’t yet thought of what we could do so stay tuned but we did change our social media icons to a G2G rainbow which I thought was so cute! You can check it out here here, but apart from that the week was pretty chill and straight forward, the guys over at post production recorded a few videos for our YouTube channel which you can go and check out and you might as well subscribe whilst you’re at it!


Moving on… this week started off really funny, we came into the store as usual on Monday had our brief meeting and then started planning content, our colleague Gemma suggested that we get Toby and Ron to record a trending dance Tik Tok video and it was nothing less than HILARIOUS OMG! They both dressed up in gaming costumes and to be honest I think it would just be better if you just click and see for yourself… what made it 10x funnier was the fact that the security ushered us out of the elevator!

We had also recorded a couple more videos on Monday that haven’t come out yet so keep your eyes peeled for next week. I post Go2Games news daily and this week we had some really exciting updates such as amazon prime day or days* as it last for 48 hours!!! I don’t really know why I said that with such excitement because by the time you would be reading this the sale would have been over 🙁 but don’t worry summer sales have started everywhere this week so you haven’t missed out on much! We also released the pre order for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which is available on our website (PS5) and super exciting for gamers. I’ll be finishing my week uploading a new unboxing video, daily deals/ news reports and hopefully a gaming shart.

I hope you guys enjoyed me rambling on about my last few weeks at work, I promise I wont leave it this long again because I know its a lot to take in but I hope to catch you here next week for another catch up.

Speak soon!

Teneil x

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