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I’ve been playing animal crossing happy home paradise and it’s been very fun, I’ve had a fun time designing villagers homes and buying new furniture from waddle, and also designing the new facilities around the paradise resort.


However, I do feel like a lot is missing from happy home paradise.


I’ve recently finished happy home paradise, I’ve completely filled all the island resorts that my clients live on.


I thought once all the islands were filled and completed, there would be some kind of special unlocked features, which allows access to more islands, but I was very wrong,


I honestly felt disappointed, because I thought that there would be a lot more to the happy homes paradise, such as having your own paradise home, which would’ve allowed you to maybe host fun events of your choosing at any time, or even invite over your favourite villagers or friends that you might play with online, to your own paradise resort, which would’ve been cool.


It also would’ve been really cool, if you had your own resort home with shops of your choosing, if you wanted to have a shop that sells paintings, or having spa shop that gives facials and being able to use bathtubs, or a gym, or a fun play place that you can rock climb, or slide down the slides, or have a cinema on your island resort, actually this stuff would’ve been better to have on your island.


Anyway, once all the islands are full, the only way you can offer your client a new home resort is to either, one, You can offer them to be a roommate, or two you can kick an old client off the island, which is unfair because I worked so hard to create a perfect vacation home!


It’s funny because when this game first came out I was so looking forward to it, and it was so hyped by many people, but the question many people asked is buying animal crossing happy homes worth it? It goes both ways, it’s yes and no.







  • Creating vacation homes for clients.
  • When you design a clients home you can get a sneak peak at all the furniture available.
  • You get new skills with polishing the home, such as sparkles, butterflies and so on.


  • You also get to learn new sound effects, you can add these effects to your clients home, or you can add it your own home.


  • You can purchase new furniture from waddle.


  • Giving clients roommates.


  • Designing the facilities on the paradise island, such as clothing shop, hospital, school, café, and restaurant.


  • Redesigning your neighbours home on your island.


  • Purchasing souvenir chocolate and giving it to neighbours on your island, which makes it quicker for you to get to work when you give them the chocolate.





  • Kicking residents off vacation homes, to create a new vacation home for clients.
  • When all vacation spots are full you have to kick resident off their vacation island.
  • When redesigning your neighbours home on your island you have to pay 10,000 bells.
  • When redesigning your neighbours home on your island, you can’t expand the rooms size.
  • Sometimes clients don’t feel happy having a roommate.


This is all I could think of so far, but I just feel like animal crossing hasn’t changed and I was really excited to see some cool new exciting features, I thought nooks n cranny’s was gonna expand when getting happy homes or something, but again I was wrong.


But overall, I did enjoy happy homes, it was a good game, but a lot could be improved on.


Ok bye bye.


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