Day uhh?? @ Go2Games – Tanisha Barry – Social Media Administrator – 14 to 18.06.21 - Get2Gaming


Hello my fellow readers and welcome back to my blog!

Let me fill you in on what went down this week…


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Like every morning, I woke up to a bright sunny day and started getting ready to make my way to the shop (Find us in Croydon Centrale). As every Monday has been starting, we had our weekly meeting. Discussing what’s been working well, what we can do to improve, trends and overall what is happening this week.

Highlights for this week was; game of the weekRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Summerfest and E3 which was covered in 60second news and Inside streamers.

When we was finished with the meetings, me and Teniel, who is very creative and lovely, went to watch the guys film Inside streamers and filmed behind the scene footage which we used to put up across the social medias we are managing.

After all of that, we moved on to the next piece of content we needed for TikTok. As the Euro 2020…(2021 cough cough) are taking place as we speak, that was the theme for the TikTok video. The boys decide what football team is going to beat who that match and whoever lost had to do a challenge out the bag.


After an eventful day, I headed to do some shopping and headed home to prepare posts that was scheduled for that day whilst enjoying the sunshine before the UK switched up and started thunderstorms.

For the rest of my busy week, I worked on getting the new Go2Games game ready for Friday. For this week, it’s who’s that shadow female edition. This is where our followers have to guess what female silhouette that is from the picture. Yes, video game related of course. After that, I started gathering images for next weeks game which is male edition.

So, make sure you’re following @go2gamesshop to be able to take part in our game.

For the remaining of the week, I was uploading scheduled posts, thinking of more ideas to build engagement across Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat has recently been doing well with having people add us, viewing our content that is being uploaded and, having people actually message which has been good.


As you’ve probably seen here, Tamagotchi is making a comeback but in a smartwatch version, which I think is so cool and can’t wait for it to launch.

Welp, that was my week. Catch me next week for more


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