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Pony Canyon Ink announced Atari Kito and Ayane Sakura will be appearing in Deemo The Movie.


Get ready guys, Ayane Sakura and Atari Kito will be voice acting in this beautiful movie rendition of the game Deemo. This was officially announced at the Anime Expo Lite 2021 and was held on Monday the 5th July, it was so sudden. No wonder they kept it hush for a long time, it truly is a wonderful surprise. They also announced that the English title for Deemo The Movie will be ‘Deemo Memorial Keys’.

Deemo has become very popular over the years, starting off as a mobile game and worked its way up to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita and even Playstation 4.  It’s gained over 28 million downloads worldwide and has gained a massive fanbase, enough that they are currently developing ‘Deemo 2’ on mobile. The production is a collaboration between  Production I.G and Pony Canyon who are responsible for making Attack On Titan such a huge success.


The anime, just like the game; tells the story of a young girl named Alice and a mysterious being called Deemo. Alice has lost her memory after ascending from the sky and landing in the place where Deemo resides. While looking for answers to uncover her memory, she meets Deemo who looks after her through the comfort of his piano playing, which along the way opens up new pathways in the mysterious place she’s ended up.


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