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Persona 5 was released over 5 years ago on PS3 and PS4 now, yet it is still constantly getting expansions far beyond its original release. So far it has received an anime, a dancing-focused spin-off game, and a whole lot of merchandise (if there’s one thing Japan can produce, its merchandise).

It also received a tie-in manga titled Persona 5: Mementos Mission in Japan that has yet to receive an official English translation…

… until now.

Udon Entertainment announced it is teaming up with the American chain bookstore Barnes & Noble to release the tie-in manga set in the game’s universe on December 7, 2021.

What is Persona 5: Mementos Mission?

Persona 5: Mementos Mission started publication in October 2018 in the Dengeki Maoh magazine, with the last chapter published in March 2020. Not to be confused with the standard Persona 5 manga that follows the game’s story,  this manga follows The Phantom Thieves solve a brand-new mystery; featuring assassination attempts, shady doctors’ clinics, strange job requests at the backstreet military shop, and reunites the entire Persona 5 cast, including the charismatic detective Goro Akechi.

Those interested will be able to get not one, but two different cove versions of Persona 5: Mementos Mission Volume 1. The standard edition will feature Joker and Morgana taking centre stage, and the Barnes & Noble edition will feature Joker, Morgana, and Futuba on the front. It will also come with a mini fold-out poster of Joker, Ryuji, Goro Akechi, and Yusuke stylised playing cards. It has not been stated whether the other 2 volumes will also be translated into English, but one can only hope.

It is not the only expansion into the Metaverse to be released in the West this year. Persona 5 Strikersa spin-off sequel to the original Persona 5 game was released in February on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC and was a global success that achieved strong reviews. The game follows Joker and Morgana returning to Tokyo to join The Phantom Thieves on summer vacation, who are quickly coerced into a new mystery.


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