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 was 7 years ago that we first heard the name “Savathun” as players of destiny 2. The sister of Oryx, the taken king, she has been lurking in the game, in the background, for ages now. With the lauch of the witch queen expansion in February, we will finally get to face her in combat. Savathun is the Hive god of deception and trickery, so it is obvious that the trailers are going to be full of Hidden details and puzzles for Players to find.

One of the first things that may clue people into the fact that there is more to this trailer than it first appears is NPC Ikora Rey mentioning that nothing is as it seems, followed by the main point people are looking into right now. Text on screen flickers before resolving into words, but those flickers are comprised of Images and Text that relates to elements on the periodic table. Reddit User Sleepysaurus_Rex on the r/raidsecrets subreddit was the first to suggest that these may be some sort of code.

Some kind of possible secret code in the new trailer? NOT the chemical symbols. Could just be to look nice, though. from raidsecrets

Users where quick to point out that the combinations of 16 with 32.066 and 80 with 200.59 where the atomic number and weight for sulfur and mercury respectively, and that [Xe]4f145d106s2 is the electron configuration for the element osmium. Now Osmium is notable. To Dive into the hyperborean nightmare that is destiny 2 lore for a second, back before the hive where… the hive (its complicated), they where from a planet called Fundament. On fundament, there was a country called the Osmium Court, which was ruled over by the Osmium king. The Osmium king had 3 children, called Xi Ro, Sathona and Aurash, who would later become Xivu Arath, Savathune and Auryx (Later Oryx) after bonding with the Worms given to them by the worm gods and becoming the first Hive. The Osmium king feared that an alignment of the 52 moons of fundament would cause something called the Syzygy, which would destroy all of fundamentals civilisation. As for the other parts though, this remains unclear.

Whether this will resolve into the first step in a longer puzzle (which would not be unheard of for the destiny universe, such as in the case of the still unfound 15th wish) may take some time to be seen. The guys at raid secrets… genuinely scare me but they do also often latch onto the dumbest things and convince themselves there is a puzzle when there really isnt.

At most, we will have to see what comes of this with the launch of witch queen in February.

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